Apparent bug in kdebase/libkonq/

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at
Sun Jun 8 19:06:08 BST 2003

I and some others on kde-devel have noticed some problems compiling
this file.  I use gcc 3.3.
/usr/local/src/kde3/kdebase/libkonq/ In member function `
   virtual void KonqHistoryManager::notifyHistoryEntry(KonqHistoryEntry, 
/usr/local/src/kde3/kdebase/libkonq/ error: void value 
   not ignored as it ought to be
It's not obvious to me why the error is being raised on that
particular line, since the problem seems to be in the function
void KonqHistoryManager::notifyHistoryEntry( KonqHistoryEntry e,
					     QCString  )
where the 2nd arg is empty.

The change seems from after the 3.1.2 release tag.  Quite a few
authors made changes; you two had the last two commits so I'm letting
you know.

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