kfontinst problems in latest cvs

Melchior FRANZ a8603365 at unet.univie.ac.at
Sun Jun 8 11:53:00 BST 2003

* Boris -- Sunday 08 June 2003 04:11:
> It seems there has been a problem in the last week and a half with
> the kfontinst from the kdebase(cvs). Everything in that directory
> tries to compile with a "@LIBZ@" extension which should be "-lz".
> I had to go through every directory in the "kdebase/kcontrol/kfontinst/*"
> and change the @LIBZ@ to -lz. Anyone else having this problem?    

Let me guess ... you are running XFree86 from cvs/head, no?

The cause for your problem is that the former lib/freetype2
directory of the XFree86 sources has been abandoned with
change 196. (see CHANGELOG), and FreeType 2.1.4 has been
included. It is stored in extras/ and not installed by
default yet. The old "freetype-config" is now wrongly installed
with this @LIBZ@ statement. So, do a "vi `which freetype-config`"
and replace @LIBZ@ with "-lz", and/or install 2.1.4 from the
extras/freetype2 directory (not the extras/FreeType dir!).

This has nothing to do with KDE.


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