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On Saturday 07 June 2003 17:55, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:

> I know this came up on IRC a few times, and no-one could think of really 
> good tests that could be done on the fly.  One option (im talking out of my 
> hat here on this one because i forget if you can access a diff in a checkin
> script)  would be to check for changed virtuals order, added/removed
> privates, added/removed virtuals etc... Not perfect, but would cause a 
> commit message to maby alert an unsuspecting developer that they are 
> breaking binary compat.

You can access them in the kde-cvs mail thingie.  Maybe like "possibly unsafe" 
we could have a "possibly BIC" flag.  The things that would be difficult are:

*) Knowing which header are private / not-installed
*) Checking in libs in modules that are installing headers, but aren't in 
*) Some subtleties like renaming private variables or swaping a private 
   pointer for a different private pointer

But even if it was a little too paranoid, it would probably let us know which 
things need extra review...

You can take a look at this stuff by checking out the CVSROOT module and 
looking at the Perl scripts there.

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