PATCH: 1st part of the patch to solve the "large file upload problem"

Dawit A. adawit at
Fri Jun 6 05:07:00 BST 2003


The following patches are intended to be the beginning step to solving an old 
and  well known issue of uploading large files through KIO::post(...). It 
mainly affects webdav and kio_http. See  bug:34578.

For the benefit of those who have not been following this issue. See for details.

Anyways, what is left to completely fix this problem once this stuff is 
committed ?

- Changes in khtml to make it store the form to be posted in a temporary file 
and pass around this name through the new URLArgs::setPostDataFilename. This 
is easier said than done.  Perhaps one of the khtml developers can help me 
out here ?

- Minor changes in konqueror (konq_view.*) to store the filename instead of a 
shallow copy of the buffer.

- Changes to kio_http, which I have already done and will provide a patch for 
shortly.  It was not included here because I need to break out the rather 
large changes I have for kio_http into smaller chunks...

Comments ? Feedback ?

Dawit A.
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