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Fri Jun 6 01:19:35 BST 2003

> Anyway, if the general opinion is putting it in kdeutils, I'm ok with that,
> as long as someone adds a way to quit irkick and restart it.

since it's a kded service, to restart it all you have to do is go into 
kcontrol and under service manager select the lirc entry and press the stop 
button, followed by the start button.

this doesn't allow you to tell the cpu usage, but its job is such that it 
would be highly unlikely to cause any sort of cpu usage on anything higher 
than a 386 --- if you really wanted to test it you could disable all other 
kded services, wait for a quiet time when kded wouldn't be doing anything by 
itself and start using irkick.

the reason i coded it as a plugin (aside to allow more transparent integration 
with kde) was to allow inbuilt starting of the service (and it *is* a 
service) as kde starts up; putting it in the Autostart folder or whatever 
just doesn't seem a correct or elegant solution. i'm actually quite pleased 
with the integration, especially compared to how it was when it was a program 
on its own.


ps kdelibs sounds ok :-)
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