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Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Thu Jun 5 23:39:18 BST 2003

El Friday 06 June 2003 00:24, Neil Stevens escribió:
> kdeutils, please, for any parts that don't belong in kdelibs.

sorry but I can't understand that sentence.
Do you mean kparts ? or you wanted to be ironic and meant "for anything 
that doesn't belong to kdelibs" ?

Btw, I know that lirc supports more than IR receivers bundled with TV 
capture cards, but think about it, what is the percentage of people using 
such receivers compared to the percentage of people using the remote that 
came with the TV capture card ?

Anyway, if the general opinion is putting it in kdeutils, I'm ok with that, 
as long as someone adds a way to quit irkick and restart it.


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