dropping kmidi?

Unai Garro Arrazola Unai.Garro at ee.ed.ac.uk
Wed Jun 4 16:31:44 BST 2003

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>I'd like to move to kdenonbeta. Is there any reason to keep
>it I don't see?

I don't know how I missed this thread before.

Midi itself is getting less and less popular everyday, except for some people 
who really need it: *composers*. Most (not to say all) composing tools around 
generate midi outputs. 

There's software like lilypond (incredibly good) or the more GUI'ish 
rosegarden or Brahms (does Brahms still work?). But both lack one thing: 
playing without midi support in the kernel/hardware. 

That's my case.  My laptop doesn't seem to have a hardware sinthesizer  
(current cheap hardware...), but I can use kmidi to play all my midi files 
with really good results. 

As somebody said in this thread before, it's a matter of using the eawpatches, 
have an up-to-date timidity, and you get a wonderfull tool.

There's only one problem here: the last update from timidity I found is 
v2.11.3 from January 2002, in http://www.onicos.com/staff/iz/timidity/. Does 
anyone know of another site with more up-to-date versions? Is it still being  
maintained? With the current new and cheaper hardware and lack of support 
from the kernel, a "bye-bye" to timidity means "bye-bye" to music composing 
in linux.

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