Qt 3.2 requirement

jordi at bluesock.net jordi at bluesock.net
Sun Jul 27 16:43:17 BST 2003


- We want qt 3.2 for kde 3.2- final

- Qt 3.2 is superior to 3.1 for small things and althought almost anybody is 
looking at this it has one big feature, devaganari script and the like, this 
kind of support is needed by around a billion people in the world! (Only 
India are around 800 or 900 millions)

- It's said (not tried myself ) that kde 3.1.x don't like qt 3.2 

- Users even if no major features were in qt 3.2 will upgrade just because the 
lastest is the coolest

Then :

Head is used to depend in the lastest things so i don't see any reason why 
wait for instance 1 month an then start using 3.2, what's tha logic?

We need to have some compatibility but in KDE 3.1 !

We need to patch kde 3.1 to not fail with qt 3.2. I don't know how difficult 
is this .... but it seems the only logical thing.
We can also just say that kde 3.1 + qt 3.2 is not a supported combination, but 
i'm afraid people will fill bug reports anyway.

Jordi Polo

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