Qt 3.2 requirement

Maksim Orlovich mo002j at mail.rochester.edu
Fri Jul 25 19:01:52 BST 2003

> I ack coolo that supporting two versions is a pain. Hence my question where a 
> KDE 3.1.x environment has problems with Qt 3.2 so people wanting to use Qt 
> 3.2 can given an exact answer where to expect problems if they want to use 
> KDE 3.1 with it.

Part of the answer is: if they use most of the available styles (excluding
Keramik and dotNET), the toolbars will look /really/ bad. Also, flat
toolbar mode is utterly broken. There are also some cases where Qt3.2
sends bogus mouse move events, although I don't know whether anything is
seriously affected w/that in KDE3.1.x. And this is just the stuff I know
off. It's also probably the case that at least some developers may refuse
to honor support requests of any sort to this combination; in particular
because this combination has been explictily disabled by ./configure, and
so any packager overriding this for purposes other than testing is
explicitly taking their users into a 'this may not work' territory.

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