Fwd: KHtmlPart caching images, how to disable?

Unai Garro Unai.Garro at ee.ed.ac.uk
Thu Jul 24 22:34:38 BST 2003

Hi, I sent this (simple) question to kfm-devel a few days ago, and as I didn't 
get any reply, I 'm forwarding here, with the hope that a kind khtml 
developer will turn up.

The question is simple. Can anyone explain or point me to a website that 
explains how to disable cache of a KHtmlPart object? Doxygen documentation 
doesn't seem to help.

The problem that I have is the following: 

I use KHTMLPart to display (repeatedly) some data like this:

KHTMLPart* dataView=new KHTMLPart(this);

dataView->begin(KURL("file:/tmp/" )); // The photo is stored in /tmp


"webpage" shows an image that is in directory /tmp, but the image is cached 
the first time and I can't find the way to force dataView to reload it.

Is there an easy method to do it, or do I need to delete/new the KPart every

Thanks a lot in advance,


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