ok to move?

Gav Wood gav at kde.org
Fri Jul 25 16:41:06 BST 2003

according to the thread starting with <200306021330.39780.gav at kde.org>, i have 
made modifications to the kde lirc infrastructure (converted it from a kded 
module to a dcop service).

discussion with authors of several kde programs that would benefit from 
infrared remote control as well as antonio larrosa jiménez in the meantime 
has lead to several other improvments including full support for non-
KUniqueApplications and better support of dcop parameter sets.

from the kde traffic site (http://kt.zork.net/kde/kde20030618_55.html#2) the 
general consensus for the target module seems to be kdeutils. are there any 
objections to getting the move underway?

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