KDE man page generator..

Ben Burton bab at debian.org
Tue Jul 22 23:30:15 BST 2003

> > And my current best bet would be to just add the
> > generated manpages to the respective Debian directories ...
> I'd prefer that you not add autogenerated files into CVS.

OTOH, if I were to use this script at all it would be to generate a
template man page to which I add my own tweaks and enhancements.  Most
of the man pages I have in KDE CVS include details that are not easily

So in this sense I would argue to add generated man pages to
kdefoo/debian where they don't already exist, to notify the (debian)
package maintainers of their existence and then to leave them
there for the package maintainers to tweak as appropriate.

As an example of additional tweaks for the kbabel man page:

- DESCRIPTION includes a note that this is part of the KDE Software
  Develoment Kit;

- SEE ALSO includes references to catalogmanager(1) and kbabeldict(1);

- SEE ALSO includes a reference to the debian kdesdk-doc-html package
  for people who use kbabel but don't have khelpcenter installed.

Other packages have more details in the long description than can be
extracted from debian/control, slightly more verbose descriptions of
options than can be extracted from the brief --help output, etc.


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