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Rob Kaper cap at capsi.com
Tue Jul 22 22:11:05 BST 2003

The server part of Atlantik, monopd, has been imported into kdenonbeta.

My goals for this move (from SourceForge) are:

- remove the duplication for the game objects (nonsense to have a duplicate codebase)
- provide a way for server-generated messages to be i18n'ed
- integrate the server into the client (autostart for example, so you'll
  never be without one)
- make use of nifty Qt classes where possible (compared to current STL nonsense)
- stop annoying users with SF's anoncvs downtime (the direct cause for this
  long-planned action)

This will greatly benefit users. Monopd is currently plain C++ with a some
STL in it and some other dependencies, but moving stuff over to Qt (and
where really beneficial, KDE) is going to be worked on fairly soon!

Some of the problems I need to tackle:

- monopd was designed as stand-alone server and I'd like to keep that
  feature. This means it must be able to compile solely with Qt (Qt/E in
  fact).. all KDE ./configure scripts already support --enable-embedded, but
  kdenonbeta is currently missing a --without-kde. I'll need that guru to get
  that working. Once monopd has been fully ported, it will move to kdegames.
  I'm expecting KDE 3.3 for that one.

- as for the translations: hopefully there is a solution where I can
  primarily use i18n to harness the power of our translation teams and
  somehow still use those translations when compiled without KDE support on
  servers.  Or, at least use tr() and find a way to let the KDE translators
  populate it with translations.

Your input would be greatly appreciated on how to tackle these issues.


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