KDE man page generator..

Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue Jul 22 19:55:22 BST 2003

Ben Burton writes:

> Hi.

>> In order to fix long-standing Debian bug #116485, I've written a
>> script that takes a KDE app, and generates a nice man page.

> Just a couple of suggestions.

> 1. OPTIONS section

> It would be very nice if the script could split the options into
> sections (APP OPTIONS, QT OPTIONS, KDE OPTIONS).  Otherwise it's
> quite difficult to find the app-specific options amongst the generic
> Qt/KDE options.
> <snip>

I committed a change recently, that outputs the headers as subsection
headers.  It is possible to reorder the sections too, but that would
require more effort, and I currently don't have too much time.

> 2. SEE ALSO section

> It may also be worth expanding the SEE ALSO section to make it clear
> that the help:/... URL needs to be typed into konqueror - some users
> of KDE apps don't run KDE as their primary desktop environment.

fixed, thanks.

Could you perhaps give me your opinion on what to do with the script ?
I think the generated man pages are pretty nice already, the most
important problem left is how to integrate this into the rest of
(Debian-) KDE.  And my current best bet would be to just add the
generated manpages to the respective Debian directories, mostly
because I don't think the complexity of somehow making this run
automatically on build or packaging time just doesn't seem worth the


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