kdelibs/libltdl brokenness..

Benjamin Reed ranger at befunk.com
Mon Jul 21 22:01:17 BST 2003

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Dominique Devriese wrote:

| I've run into a bug in kdelibs/libltd, which is fixed in more recent
| versions of libltdl. It would be nice if this could be fixed by
| upgrading kdelibs/libltdl to something more recent, at least for KDE
| 3.2, but preferably also in the branch..

According to his checkin of the 1.5 stuff, Matz plans on updating it:

revision 1.80
date: 2003/07/16 20:31:31;  author: matz;  state: Exp;  lines: +1179 -752
I promised to do it today.  And I feel easy about it because of
Strassenverkehrsgesetz (StVG) paragraph 21: limited liability (because
of C_2H_5OH) while driving (and because some people tested it).  In case
you didn't notice: update KDE libtool to libtool HEAD.  libltdl comes
later.  I know I also promised a date ;-)

I had requested it be updated as well, since mixing libtool 1.5 with
libltdl 1.4 freaks out MacOSX.  :)

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