KHTML/Konqueror menus - recent change?

George Staikos staikos at
Sat Jul 19 21:46:09 BST 2003

On Saturday 19 July 2003 16:32, George Staikos wrote:
> Does anyone notice in recent KHTML/Konqueror that there are all kinds of
> new entries in the context menu over -links- that make no sense, such as
> "Move to Trash", "Rename", "Delete", "Copy To", etc?  It seems like it is
> merging the menu from kfmclient mode.   I just noticed this today (HEAD,
> fairly recent). Was there a recent change to this stuff?

  I just realised that this only happens when browsing local HTML with file:/. 
A bit confusing (especially the layout that the menu gets due to merging), 
and I think some of the items are a bit useless.  In file manager mode 
they're useful, but in KHTML mode they really aren't.  Does it make sense to 
remove some of this stuff?

George Staikos
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