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Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Sat Jul 19 18:15:39 BST 2003

On Samstag, 19. Juli 2003 12:21, Andy Fawcett wrote:
> On Saturday 19 July 2003 13:03, Ralf Nolden wrote:
> > BTW we discussed on IRC how we could also re-use feedback. I propose
> > we manage the auto-generation to generate buttons on each section
> > that brings the reader to a Linux Wiki page.
>                               ^^^^^
> So it's going to be a Linux-only book? You're planning on not doing
> anything for all the other Operating Systems that KDE runs on?
Hell, no :-) I'm speaking about the *development* of the *book* itself, not 
about the *contents* of the book :-)
> No, I'm not trying to start a flame-war, I just want to know :)

Ok, I guess you didn't get the picture so probably other people didn't either. 
Here's what the proposal with the Wiki was about:

- Book sources = docbook files
- put them into CVS so people can checkout with anoncvs and build the online 
docs, pdf, ps locally
- *generate* that stuff *in a cronjob mode* on the developer.kde.org server 
retrieving the current contents of the book from CVS directly

Now, if we want to keep the process of the contents controlled on one hand by 
CVS commits but on the other hand want to allow *comments* to the *contents*, 
I supposed that the auto-generation should include a button on the webpages 
that everyone can see without having to download the CVS version and generate 
it next to each section. So you have

 <comment button>
section 1
<comment button>
section 2
<comment button>

and so forth. The reader of the online version can then press a button for 
each section and gets into a Wiki that corresponds to that section. There 
every reader can edit comments about that section. Very useful if you're on 
the road or at work and you have some ideas how to formulate this or that and 
you'd just add your ideas.

Then we can review those comments - maybe retrieving every new comment by an 
automatic mail to a mailinglist with the detailed info to which section and 
chapter that comment belongs.

That way we'd have some sort of a bugzilla for a book that we can keep current 
and active while still preserving a regular development cycle through CVS for 
*writing* the contents of the book.

UNIX systems and portability will of course also be a part of the book :-)
> A.

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