KDE Development book: organizational questions

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Sat Jul 19 08:48:13 BST 2003


as there already was a *LOT* of response on this (more than I expected), I'd 
like to propose we create a new mailinglist for the book 
writers/translators/readers. Then we should discuss where to put the book 
(CVS wise): kdeextragear-2 or developer.kde.org ? with developer.kde.org are 
ACL's an issue or not ? Can the HTML docs be auto-generated by the 
developer.kde.org server so we can save generating the HTML files and keeping 
them in CVS ?

If anyone has some technical clue about that, please share :-)

Martin: could you create kde-devel-book at kde.org, please ?

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