[PATCH] : KIO::chmod that uses KURL::List

kzk mover at cool.ne.jp
Fri Jul 18 23:08:16 BST 2003

On Friday 18 July 2003 18:07, David Faure wrote:
> No (synchronously checking for permissions without blocking the
> whole GUI for an undetermined amount of time) - and if an app wanted to do
> that, it could use NetAccess::stat anyway. This is NOT the job of
> KFileItem.
> Therefore I'm not too keen on this going in - it's an open door to a rather
> difficult-to-find bug: it will work with a full mask, it will work with a
> partial mask and local files, but it can't work with a partial mask and
> remote files...
> The only safe way would be to remove the mask feature from this KURL::List
> call, which makes sense when the app knows which permissions it wants to
> give to a given url (or many). Adding/removing permissions is mostly done
> by the properties dialog anyway, isn't it?

I see.

If you implement this function with mask, the problem occurs.
On the other hand, if you implement without mask, the capability of this function declines.

So, you keep this function unimplemented. right?


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