Australian representative?

Karol Szwed kszwed at
Fri Jul 18 13:39:31 BST 2003


There's been alot of fingerpointing as to who should/shouldn't
represent KDE based on various prior actions, and/or assumptions.
To some extent, this may have bearing, but we all make mistakes. 
Hopefully we learn from them and become better people. With this in
mind, I believe that both Don and Daniel have the capacity to represent KDE 
well here in Australia. Considering Daniel has opted to take time out,
I fully support Don being our representative.

Being an Australian KDE developer myself, I'd be more than happy to help Don
in being a secondary contact for Australia, should he require assistance. 

It may also be a good opportunity for others who are interested in
representing KDE officially to step forward. For example,
we really require more of a formal presence in Asian countries such
as China or Singapore.

Best regards,

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