[PATCH] : KIO::chmod that uses KURL::List

kzk mover at cool.ne.jp
Fri Jul 18 18:17:50 BST 2003

On Thursday 17 July 2003 21:49, David Faure wrote:
> Your idea sounds good, but I'm afraid the "mask" should be removed, since
> there's no way to know the current permissions of the urls - so you can
> only use chmod(list of urls) to apply a complete set of permissions to all
> files, you can't selectively change only one bit on them (like one can do
> with the mask).
> To be more precise, the current line 79, which uses item->permissions(),
> will always get -1 in your case, which will result in wrong stuff being
> done, unless m_mask is 0777 (or so).
Thank you for your suggestion.

On my test use, item->permissions() returns currened permission, didn't return 
But I finally found that this code works properly only LOCAL file.
If local file, current permission is reset even if permission == 

Please see at kfileitem.cpp (at line 156, void KFileItem::init( bool 
_determineMimeTypeOnDemand ) )

So, I think  improving KFileItem::init may solve this problem.
( and I'm sorry that I don't have enough knowledge about KDE/QT to implement 
this.... )


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