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I'll now proceed in writing a new KDE development book. Mainly because the old 
KDE 2 development book sucks in certain kind of ways and through the 
experience of participating on that book having to use DOC format and other 
things, I'll start basically from scratch. Any help in proof-reading and 
later in translation is very welcome. Example code is also nice to have :-)

As I haven't taken care of any publisher who'll do hard prints I guess that'll 
come over time. The License for the book will be the GNU Free Documentation 
License, which is because my manuals in KDevelop were GPL licensed and I had 
to buy myself a hard copy of my own work. Which sucked as well :-)

So, target is: FDL-licensed book that can be published on, 

- C++ 
- Qt 3.2
- KDE 3.2
- KDE/Qt development tools, debugging
- KDE/Qt translation tools
- writing DocBook manuals

Specifically the book will cover KDevelop 3 as well as one big chunk of it so 
we can reuse the book for the KDevelop manuals and ship it with KDevelop 
directly (even though the debian package for the book will end up in 
non-free, see recent discussions about the FDL).

For the book to come forward, I'll use docbook myself and I would like to 
re-use Lauri's docbook manuals on how to write good documentation. The 
question is: where to put the docbook files so we have a buildsystem around 
it and can have anyone participate in writing it so we can use CVS plus when 
certain chapters are finished translators can translate it, and how we get it 
published directly during the process of writing it on so 
anyone can review the book and send in patches ?

If you have any ideas, let me know.



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