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Wed Jul 16 12:29:11 BST 2003

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I would like to raise awareness of the KIOSK features within KDE. With KIOSK 
it is possible to disable many GUI features of KDE to make it as bare-bones 
as you want it. Most of this is handled by kdelibs, e.g. all KAction based 
actions can be hidden from the GUI when XMLGUI is used to build menus.

The problems start when new features are added that are hard-coded in the UI:

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 11:32, Bill Kendrick wrote:
> I, too, need to know how to remove the "Menu Editor" from the K menu!
> I've got a system in production, out in the open public, with that enabled!
> (I set up Kiosk almost perfectly, thanks to everyone's help here, then
> did an "apt-get upgrade" and it went to a new version of 3.1, and that
> little item snuck in!!!)

Please give it some thought when you add new features, especially to 
applications such as kicker, kdesktop, kwin and konqueror, whether there is a 
way to hide/disable it. You don't need to do anything yourself, just drop me 
a mail if you have added something that you think could be a problem. I'm 
more than happy to KIOSK-ify it for you.

Thank you for your attention.

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