Australian representative?

Andreas Pour pour at
Tue Jul 15 23:04:54 BST 2003

Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:

[ ... ]

> > and plead you to not drag any kmail based animosities into
> > kde-core-devel.
> OK, I might be wrong of course but I was not trying to "drag kmail
> based animosities" into this list but I was addressing the way Don
> behaved because this _is_ on topic when thinking about him becoming
> KDE representive: That this behaviour first showed up on the KMail
> list does not matter very much.
> IMhO the KMail story clearly showed that Don doesn't qualify for a
> position like an official KDE representive and so I propose to better
> let there be no KDE representive for Australia at all than him.
> IMO it doesn't matter which project was the reason for Don to
> demonstrate his way of interacting: it is enough that he did it
> and that we know his style now - no need to give him a chance to
> make a fool of KDE as its official representive.

Assuming for the moment you are correct about Don's social skills in the KMail
debate (I don't say you are right or wrong :-) ), is the situation really
analogous?  As an official rep you are not in the position of having to argue
with team members about the direction of a joint project you care alot about
personally and have invested a lot of your free time in.

I think it might be better to judge Don, as many others have, on his general
ability to discuss with others, which, from personal experience, I find quite
satisfactory, rather than his participation in the KMail debate.

It is not only conceivable, but quite likely, that someone would wear a
different "hat" when promoting the project to outsiders than when debating
details with insiders.  Thus, it seems to me, one is in danger of using
disagreement over inside matters as some sort of "punishment" of project

Personally I think KDE benefits from people contributing, and as Don has for a
long time contributed a great deal to KDE, I would support his intentions to get
involved in KDE promotion until such time as he is shown to be incompetent or
counter-productive at that.



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