Dawit A. adawit at
Sun Jul 13 00:44:03 BST 2003


The attached patch does the following:

1.) Rather large modification, mostly code rearrangement,  to the ::put 
function to fix

2.) Add resumption support to ::get.  This would make resumption possible 
from the file protocol to any other protocol that supports this feature, e.g 
file->sftp, file->ftp.

BTW, I need more input on #2.  My resumption test from file to sftp seems to 
work, but the resulting file is for some reason corrupted (does not have same 
signature as the original)!  However, I cannot see any problems with with the 
code I added to support the resumption feature.  Hmm... maybe I am blind :)

Dawit A.
"By filing this bug report you have challenged 
the honor of my family. Prepare to die!"
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