Singleton implementation

Zack Rusin zack at
Wed Jul 9 17:04:24 BST 2003

On Wednesday 09 July 2003 03:32, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 July 2003 07:11, Zack Rusin wrote:
> > I had this on the drive for quite a while - it's a singleton
> > implementation heavily based on the one from "Modern C++ Design".
> How do I make a singleton with a private constructor with your class?
> It's often desirable to prevent a singleton from being used without
> the singleton semantics.

You have to make your class a friend of the construction/destruction 
policy you have chosen for your singleton. So if you want to 
construct/destruct it with new/delete you put a friend declaration like 
the following in your class:

class YourClass{ 
	friend struct CreateUsingNew<YourClass>;


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