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Mon Jul 7 07:23:40 BST 2003

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going through b.k.o  i've noticed that there are a few apps listed there that 
aren't in KDE's CVS. while i have no real objection with this, per say, i was 
just curious as to whether or not this was desireable?

in the last 6 months...

... kbear has had one bug closed (of 7)
... brahms has had no bugs closed (of 5)
... kmerlin has had no bugs closed (of 5)
... klyx has had no bugs closed (of 7)
... krusader has had no bugs closed (of 16)

an exception to this pattern is boson, which has closed 51 bugs, with 60 bugs 
outstanding for a total of 31 new bugs in the last six months. it seems the 
boson devels actually use k.b.o, despite being hosted at ...

my only thoughts are that i wonder if it is useful to keep non-CVS apps in 
k.b.o when they obviously don't use the service?

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