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Ian Reinhart Geiser geiseri at
Mon Jul 7 04:37:52 BST 2003

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On Sunday 06 July 2003 03:20 pm, George Staikos wrote:
>   There is some new tab behaviour in HEAD where links clicked in various
> apps open in a new tab in an already running konqi instance instead of
> opening in a new konqi window.  This new behaviour, while a nice idea, is
> very confusing.  I now have new tabs opening in minimized konqi windows
> while I have an open window in front of me.  I think we have to revert this
> behaviour.
Cool we have succefully  ported yet another bug from windows! not only do we 
go to a random konqi instance but we hide it too... Bill would be proud :P 

so now how do we revert it for those of us who want to actually look at the 
links.  On the off chance we want to make it usable we should make sure its 
not going to pop up in a konqi on our desktop, not minimised, and not 
obscured.  Also this can cause some annoying features of hiding tabs one is 
working on...  I found this nugget of braindamage when i was trying to copy 
some files from one web folder to a local folder... clicking on my link not 
only did not show a new konqi window but it hid my webdav window with three 
tabs :)  (yea after hitting ~ in my quickstart tab 3 times i got pissed 
logged out, logged in, and repeated until luck made it show up in the correct 

Maby we should have thought about how the windows version of this feature 
fails before we tried to reimplement failure?

Just my 2 very annoyed and confused cents.
- -ian reinhart geiser

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