new tab behaviour in konqi

George Staikos staikos at
Sun Jul 6 23:36:24 BST 2003

On July 6, 2003 16:12, Stephan Binner wrote:
> On Sunday 06 July 2003 22:05, George Staikos wrote:
> > It's possible to have tabs opening in all kinds of strange places now.
> What strange places? Only non-minimized Konqueror window on your desktop.

   Take Xinerama for instance... You could be working on screen 0 and a tab 
loads in a konqi on screen 2, behind some other windows.  It's very 
confusing.  People already get easily confused by new tabs loading in the 
same konqi window that one is working in.  This is far more confusing.

   What happens when 10 konqi windows are open?

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