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Russell Miller rmiller at duskglow.com
Sun Jul 6 03:06:39 BST 2003

Sorry, I sent to the wrong list.

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In investigating a longstanding bug in kmidi, I discovered that the root
cause is the dependency on timidity.  In order to fix it correctly, I'm going
to have to remove the version of timidity that is there and replace it.

Now is the time to do it right.  I'd like feedback.

What I am considering doing is putting a copy of timidity in CVS - like
qt-copy.  It'll be built along with kmidi in kdemultimedia, but it will
stand on its own and we will not make any modifications to it beyond
the bare minimum required to make this work.

I'd like to start the timidity server as a kdeinit service.  Then kmidi will
essentially just be the kde front end for timidity.  Which is what was aimed
for in the first place.

Perhaps eventually integration with timidity is a good idea, but I would
like to do the separation before reintegrating.  It'll make the codebase I
have to deal with smaller and cleaner.

I would also like to provide a decent patchset or soundfont in CVS and as
a release option.  Timidity sounds like shit without one.

Any objections or comments?

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