KDE and I (and kmenuedit)

Raffaele Sandrini sandrini at kde.org
Fri Jul 4 11:43:13 BST 2003

On Friday 04 July 2003 10:26, you wrote:
> Hi
> Army's stinks, 3 years mandatory, and I am in the backup forces until the
> age of 50, if you see my address you can gues where I serve...

Dont be worried. Here in Switzerland i need only to go 15 weeks (backup till 
40 i guess). So they wont have much time to corrupt me :). Im in the IT 
department so perhapps its not that lame.

> Math is extreamly hard. Be aware of Calculus and Linear Algebra.
> Discrete/modern math is kinda easy, but still no kids play. I have just
> returned from Modern math exam.
I'm afraid of that... That institute is perhapps the hardest math institute in 
Switzerland... Pah other gents made it also. I have to do it :)))

> All I can say to you is good luck. Study hard, long before you start the
> academic year, this will help you. Loosing kde projects is a bonus, but you
> will want to come back. I can somehow manage to do some things and still
> keep studying in my crappy college, however a university is much harder.
We will see how it turns out. Perhapps im back much earlier than expected :)

> Again, good luck, and keep your self. The army is a shitty place, don't
> learn anything there...
Thanks very much - don't worry things gonna stay good :)

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