KDE and I (and kmenuedit)

Raffaele Sandrini sandrini at kde.org
Thu Jul 3 17:51:18 BST 2003


I had not much time left for KDE recently. I had my final exams at school. Now 
i must go to the army till October and then I'll start my studies in computer 
science at the National Technics Institute at Z├╝rich wich will last for 4 1/2 

As you can see my life is pretty planned in the near/medium future. The 
university will need special attention during the first year (especially in 

This all leads to that i wont be able to do much (any) things else. I need to 
give up my efforts for KDE too. Im not happy about that but doing else would 
only show things not the right way. If you wish you can delete my CVS account 
(rasa) and my email forwarder (sandrini at kde.org).

I am maintainer of KMenuEdit wich had very few changes during this year. So 
this project will become free. Its a small project suitible for someone who 
is interessted getting involved into KDE. Anyone interessted can send me an 
email and i try to give as much information as possible.

I will try to follow some discusions on the core list and perhapps say 
something... As i will still use it ill try to send in the one or other bug 
report or/and advice. If it turns out that the university will be much more 
easy then expected then you can be sure that i will come back. I expect that 
after 2 years it will get easier and i will probabbly find time for something 

I want to thank everyone helping me on all my KDE ways. David helped me many 
times and had good advice every time :). I use and develop on KDE for many 
years now and i'm very pleased to what it has become. I think we can be proud 
of that we made.

I hope i have not fergotten anyting :). So far...


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