libtool update

Michael Matz matz at
Tue Jul 1 20:30:59 BST 2003


if people (hi Ben ;-) ) could test the patch at , I would be glad.  I'm
a bit reluctant to commit a 240KB diff to libtool without more testing ;-)
It needs to be applied to admin/ .
I tested it with a complete build of arts and kdelibs, and a bit of
kdebase with unsermake.  It went more or less okay.  I also retained most
of our KDE-local patches, so it should behave similar to the current one.
It even should work without completely rebuilding (i.e. relinking) the
whole system, but in some cases it might be necessary, don't know.

In particular I'm interested if
* on linux it indeed doesn't relink when installing in any case
* that it works still with am_edit
* that --disable-fast-install works
* that no _false_ warnings of something linked against modules are emitted
* that it's linking against the correct directories (test ldd)
* that the final system still runs ;-)

Before reporting anything please make sure, that the same issue doesn't
happen without the patch.  It's not really supposed to fix anything,
except supporting some other systems maybe.


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