Three different tab implementations

Christian Loose christian.loose at
Fri Jan 31 17:51:53 GMT 2003

Am Freitag, 31. Januar 2003 12:33 schrieb Neil Stevens:
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> a. Let developers do MDI on their own (ignoring it and wishing it would go 
> away)
> b. Develop a standard MDI system and port all MDI apps to it (what Rob 
> seems to be asking for here)
> c. Develop a window manager spec for tabbing systems, and implement it in 
> KWin (likely involving, and benefiting from, GNOME and other window 
> manager developer input).
> Right now we've had a).  To me, if development is to be expended, c) is
> better than b) because c) will:
> 1. Give MDI support to all apps (including SDI apps both KDE and not), for
> fans of MDI
> 2. Give developers more reason to develop SDI apps, which will lead to SDI
> available for those who prefer that interface style
> 3. Give KWin task-oriented features like it never had before, transcending
> the app-centered MDI/SDI options.

I agree with Neil that c) is the best and most general solution. Let the user 
decide which apps he wants to use in a tabbed mode (e.g. I could imagine to 
use Cervisia in tabbed mode).

Other advantages (additionally to the ones stated by Neil):

- Alt+TAB for switching between windows no matter if the app is in SDI or MDI
- The developer can concentrate on one mode (SDI).

Also fluxbox and pwm demonstrate that it is doable.


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