separators and titles in the kmenu

Alexander Neundorf alexander.neundorf at
Fri Jan 31 16:43:27 GMT 2003

On Friday 31 January 2003 03:50, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> Current .order files are like this:
>   textdoc.desktop
>   spreadsheet.desktop
>   drawing.desktop
>   presentation.desktop
>   mathdoc.desktop
>   setup.desktop
>   printeradmin.desktop
> I'm not sure how files not represented in .order get merged into the
> menu.

I don't know how the specs look, just a stupid note:
I think using an own file for each aspect will probably slow things down, 
grouping more things into fewer files speeds up reading.

> Also, the desktop entry spec mentions a SortOrder key but has no docs
> on what it means or its format. (Yikes!) But reading code, it appears
> that it goes in .directory files and is like this:
>   SortOrder=textdoc.desktop:spreadsheet.desktop:drawing.desktop
> (why it doesn't use standard string-list format with ; separator I
> dunno)

Here the "," is used as separator.

> Again, not sure how stuff not listed here is merged in.
> Clearly you could use a field in the XML file instead of either of
> these approaches, seems more sane from scratch, but perhaps sticking
> to one of the existing methods has value.
> For separators, perhaps just a magic string in the order list would be
> appropriate. "SEPARATOR" or something. 

Ok. What I did was simply the simplest way I saw to implement the feature.

> We might also specify that N
> adjacent separators are automatically combined into a single
> separator.
> For titles, I could use some clarification on what it is - say I have
> the Office submenu, with,
>  Office -> Title
>            -----
>            Word Processor
>            Spreadsheet
> What would the title be besides "Office"? Or do I not understand what
> a title is?

I use it this way:

Office -> Abiword
          * KOffice *       <- this one is a title
          * OpenOffice *    <- this one too
          OO Writer
          OO Calc

Feels good and gives better overview.


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