Three different tab implementations

Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Fri Jan 31 14:26:51 GMT 2003

On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 06:02:40AM -0800, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > 5. This is not really an argument against, I'm just curious. How exactly
> > would you want to represent several windows that form some kind of
> > "project" together? Say KDevelop with list of files on the left, output
> > views at the bottom and other windows for the C++ files? Or KSIRC? Tabs
> > seems to fit here nicely, especially if they can be undocked and become
> > real toplevel windows. If you convince me here, the opinion of KWin
> > maintainer could matter in this discussion :).
> KSirc now (defaults, not the unfortunate MDI mode) is good by me.  I can 
> move a ksirc window to where I need it. If I want to discuss with one 
> person about some code I'm looking at , I can send that ksirc window over 
> to the desktop with that code.  If I want to monitor more than one channel 
> at once, I can do it.  MDI allows neither.

It's not a big deal technically, and I think asj even added code to
ksirc to allow detaching a tab chat window.


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