Three different tab implementations

Andras Mantia amantia at
Fri Jan 31 13:55:02 GMT 2003

Back to the first level of the thread: a standard behaviour tabbed MDI (or 
whatever we call) is desired. The current one has some drawbacks, one is due 
to the design, the other is due to the implementation (and it's valid eg. for 
Konqueror/Gideon/Quanta and maybe others).

1) By design, when you have too many windows, you must use the scroll buttons 
at the end of the tabs. This is very un-user friendly. The proposed solution 
would be to have a button (e.g an up-arrow or so) near or instead of the 
scrolling buttons, and when you press it, you will see a list with the 
windows currently not visible. This way selecting a window is possible 
without having to scroll. This list may be sorted, so it will be easier to 
find the window. A second, but not so good solution would be to add a 
shortcut which brings up the list of windows in a dialog. Quanta has it in an 
early form (Alt-0), and this way both the Kate type MDI and tabbed MDI is 

2) Due to the bad implementation, if you scroll eg. to the last opened window, 
and select the last but one, the tabbar is reorganized so, that the currently 
selected tab becomes the last visible, and you have to scroll again to select 
the last one. Very annoying. Better would be if when you select a tab, the 
tabbar will not be reorganized. You can easily see what I'm talking about in 
any of the above mentioned applications. 


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