Three different tab implementations

Andras Mantia amantia at
Fri Jan 31 12:48:01 GMT 2003

On 2003. January 31., Friday 13:33, Neil Stevens wrote:
> And unfortuantely some MDI apps in KDE do not give the user a choice
> choice.  KDevelop and Quanta come to mind.  There it is MDI or nothing.

Ok, let's take this a feature request. :-)  How would you like to behave those 

a) when opening a new file fire up a new instance of the application, load 
again the whole project that you are working on and open the file there

b) close the file that are you working on and open the new one instead of it

c) ...

I'm waiting for your opinions. I really don't see why it is bad to have MDI in 
this case and in this form. I find it to be easy to use and user friendly. Of 
course we can make an option to use SDI instead of MDI, but the question is 
the above one: how to use SDI?


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