Konqueror bookmark ipe patch - working now

Luis Pedro Coelho luis_pedro at netcabo.pt
Fri Jan 31 00:35:11 GMT 2003

Em Jeudi 30 Janvier 2003 23:44, Oelewapperke escreveu:
> right click on the bookmark button's submenus works, presents options, and
> "open" "open in new tab" "open in new background tab" and "delete" work.
> Try it out. I'm looking for comments, suggestions etc.
> For adding support for other places to access bookmarks, you have to
> overload MouseEvent, and send it to the KIPEBookmarkOwner.
> Also : should I commit this ?

I must say, I don't like the "right-click on a menu entry" GUI. Alexander 
Kellett new work on bookmarks incorporates the same GUI and I had to read the 
sources to find out how it worked. Now that I use it regularly ( add 
"AdvancedAddBookmark=true" in the Settings tab for konquerorrc to enable it), 
I have gotten used to it, but it was the only place in KDE where this type of 
GUI is used.

Anyway, my question is: how does your code interact with Alexander Kellett's 
work (which includes a patch by me to add "open bookmark folder in several 
tabs" capability) ? At least the patchfor_kdebase_konqueror.patch fails in 

On a related note, what does KPIPEBookmark mean ? I supposed that PIPE has 
nothing to do with a unix like pipe and are the initials to something, but I 
don't get it.

Luis Pedro Coelho


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