Three different tab implementations

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Fri Jan 31 05:00:48 GMT 2003

On Friday 31 January 2003 01:14, Rob Kaper wrote:
> There are currently three different tab implementations in KDE: Konqueror,
> Konsole and Kopete each have their own framework for tabs, with different
> keybinding shortcuts and different behavior.
Dont forget kate too, although they try to make it look more like emacs' 
multiple buffer thing, but it's really all the same.

> Is anyone considering to merge all this into a single tabbing framework to
> be reused in applications? If people can't handle SDI, fine, but that's no
> reason for code duplication.
Not only would it be nice to merge the code, but to get a consistent style as 
well. Maybe the proper discussion should be on a style guideline for MDI, 
especially from the people that use it. Maybe we could even get some 
integration  with kwin and consider them sub-"windows" with respect to 
application-name/icon/window-switching (I really miss alt-tab switching when 
using MDI, which is why I dont normally use it)


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