[PATCH] On Screen Display

Jakob Schroeter js at camaya.de
Tue Jan 28 17:18:14 GMT 2003

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I have implemented an On Screen Display class for KDE. It displays some text 
on top of all windows without stealing the focus (similar to kpassivepopup) 
and is very configurable WRT location, color and font. It also scrolls.

Two patches against kdelibs (the actual osd and a knotify patch) and kdebase 
(a control center module) respectively are attached.

The idea is taken from sim-icq by Vladimir Shutoff, but no original code is 

Three (usability) problems are still in there:
1. The kcm could be worth a redesign. I was not yet able to make it scrollable 
and stretching.
2. The selected font is not saved by the kcm. It must be a stupid mistake 
since it worked before, IIRC.
3. The Scroll Speed option gives the number of miliseconds that are *added* to 
the timer, so a bigger number actually decreases speed.

I will try to fix these ASAP, of course.

I tested it with RC6, the patches are against HEAD.

What do you think?
Could this be put in cvs for KDE 3.2?

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