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Krall, Gary gkrall at verisign.com
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Thank you for your email.  With regards:

Ok, I added support for it to kdecore. It uses libidn  (
<http://josefsson.org/libidn/> http://josefsson.org/libidn/) for the
encoding functions. It auto-detects  libidn during runtime and loads it
on-demand. First tests indicate that it works just fine. Are there already
actual sites with international domain  names?
[Krall, Gary]  Sample IDNs for .com and .net can be found at:
<http://www.verisign-grs.com/idn/howitworks/sample.html>  Note that these
names have been registered and encoded in RACE which as you may have seen in
my earlier email post to this distribution list was the precursor encoding
standard prior to the soon to be release/expected standard of Punycode.
As Punycode names are currently not available outside of test environments
because the prefix to the ASCII string has not been defined I cannot give
you an example.  For the time being only RACE encoded names with the ASCII
prefix of "bq--" are working.   Let me give you a good example of this in
looking at the first name on this page.
The domain name ???.com converts in ASCII to:  bq--3cld7c6xoonq.com .  Since
all .com and .net names resolve in the second level if you type into your
browser's address bar WITHOUT any support you should be able to navigate to
the page:  bq--3cld7c6xoonq.mltbd.com.  The issue as you'll see is that the
ASCII string is preserved in the address bar which clearly is unacceptable
for users.  The work you and others are doing is essentially performing this
character to ASCII conversion such that DNS can understand what to do with
Hope this helps.

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