Fwd: "International Domain Names" support in KDE

Thiago Macieira thiagom at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 28 00:50:55 GMT 2003

Marc Mutz wrote:
>I'm not talking about the IDN RFC's here. rfc2822bis will need to define
>what encoding should be used when a domain production is going to be
>applied to a IDN. Chances are (from discussions on ietf-822 at imc.org)
>that this will be punycode. Then, the next step is that people will
>want to have localized local-part's. And the tendency is to use
>punycode (or a variant without casemapping, since local-part is in
>theoery case-sensitive, though in praxi it mostly isn't) for that, too,
>and _not_ rfc2047.

Ok, now I'm afraid that RFC 2822 will require yet another set of tables so 
that the nameprep normalisation doesn't do case-folding for the local-part...

As I said, the current IDN documents leave it to the protocol to specify what 
encoding should be used. SMTP seems to be going to ACE, that's ok. But it 
could just as well (hypothetically) add an UTF8 capability output to the 
answer to EHLO and both ends use UTF-8 encoding instead.

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