Fwd: "International Domain Names" support in KDE

Thiago Macieira thiagom at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 26 23:43:20 GMT 2003

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Marc Mutz wrote:
>On Sunday 26 January 2003 02:23, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> * name preparation, especially the handling of case folding and
>> prohibited characters
>You can use a perl script to extract the tables from
>draft-ietf-idn-nameprep. They're in machine-readable format. That's
>also what TT does for generating the Unicode tables for QString.

I had written one in C++ to do that. It's in 
http://thiagom.dyndns.org/~thiago/new-sockets/createtables.cpp. It only reads 
in table B.2, because the rest is either coded in software (ranges or 
punctual code points) or I used Qt's tables, for lowercase and bidirectional.

>> * punycode encoding and decoding (not yet written)

Anyways, I dropped my code out and instead decided to use libidn. It does 
exactly the same thing as what my code did, even with the exact same 
comments, seeing that they came from the drafts.

My tests so far indicate success:

% ~1/test www.räksmörgåsa.example
www.iesg--rksmrgsa-0zap8p.example = www.räksmörgåsa.example

(first form is ACE encoded, second is decoded)
quoting from Waldo's email:
> * Add www.iesg--rksmrgsa-0zap8p.example to your /etc/hosts

And a few examples from the punycode draft:
% ~1/test www.Hello-Another-Way-それぞれの場所.co.jp
www.iesg--hello-another-way--fc4qua05auwb3674vfr0b.co.jp = 

% ~1/test www.PorquénopuedensimplementehablarenEspañol.es
www.iesg--porqunopuedensimplementehablarenespaol-fmd56a.es = 

And a few from IRC
% ~1/test www.µA.org
www.iesg--a-lmb.org = www.μa.org
(note that the first has a micro µ and the second has a Greek mu μ)

% ~1/test www.Größe.de
www.iesg--grsse-kua.de = www.grösse.de

% ~1/test www.fuß.de
www.fuss.de = www.fuss.de

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