kdelibs/kio/kpasswdserver.cpp flooding my kdebug.txt

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Sun Jan 26 11:32:25 GMT 2003


kpasswdserver.cpp has got a lot of kdDebug calls with no debugarea defined 
thus it ends up in my general ~/kdebug.txt. Normally I have no problem with 
this, general debug-messages are appreciated. KPasswdServer is an exception 
here because when browsing with konq it adds debug-lines all the time (dunno 
why, why does konq check for passwords even if the site does not need any 
login?) making the file grow really fast.

If anybody knows what to do, please comment. I just commented all kdDebug() 
calls but I'm not sure if they are still needed/wanted. Maybe somebody else 
knows a good debugarea to put this in :)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
sgehn_AT_gmx.net | ICQ#51123152 | Moege der Pinguin mit euch sein

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