Regression of KHTML's smart popup feature

Dawit A. adawit at
Sat Jan 25 01:08:04 GMT 2003


I traced the cause for BR# 52720, 52902 and 53377 to a recent commit to both 
the HEAD and KDE_3_1 branches that replaced CLICK_EVENT with 
KHTML_ECMA_CLICK_EVENT to "make khtml's event handling suck a little less." 
See -r 1.50 khtml/ecma/kjs_binding.cpp.  Unfortunately, the replacement event 
does not seem to be emitted whenever an onClick event is generated.  Instead 
the event that reaches the javascript interpreter is still CLICK_EVENT.  This 
causes ScriptInterpreter::isWindowOpenAllowed() to always fail and hence 
break the smart popup feature. Can one of the khtml/kjs hackers more familiar 
with the code, please look into this ?  Specially the person that broke it :)

Dawit A.

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