As-you-type spell checking and color quoting implemented in the composer

Marc Mutz mutz at
Wed Jan 22 21:40:00 GMT 2003

Sorry, I seem to didn't make clear what I was asking:

On Wednesday 22 January 2003 05:46, Don Sanders wrote:
> > Is
> > there a way to coexist for the two? Won't that be confusing to the
> > user ("What will be sent how? Is every mail I compose now
> > automatically rich text b/c the quoted text is coloured?")?
> It might not be confusing at all, I would like to try it before
> deciding. But if having t/enriched, t/html and color quoting and
> as-you-type spell checking on all together is confusing then we can
> just limit the user to non confusing options, or give the user the
> option of turning off/on individual highlighting methods.
> I don't think as-you-type spell checking and color quoting support is
> confusing.

Of course not. That's not what I meant. My problem with color quoting in 
the composer is that if we add rich text _editing_ support (bold, 
italic, colored text) to send it off in enriched or html format, and 
color quoting would be enabled, how should the user know what of the 
markup will be sent and what will not.

I reply to this mail, the quoted lines are colored in various green 
shades. I want to _emphasize_ a piece of text and make it italic.

As a user, I now ask myself either of the following two questions:
1. Why is the green color of the quoted text not present in the 
sent-mail copy of my reply?
2. Can't I send non-rich text mails anymore when I have color quoting 
enabled in the composer?

How should a user decide between what is syntax highlighting and what is 
rich-text-to-be-sent. The problem gets even worse if KMail gets better 
at rich text handling and I reply to a rich text mail...

The only option I currently see is that the user can choose between 
syntax highlighting and rich text editing. That sounds like  bad 
compromise. How do other mail clients handle that (Evo is said to have 
syntax highlighting in the composer).


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