Broken KDE Admin Dir

Martijn Klingens klingens at
Mon Jan 20 22:21:39 GMT 2003

On Monday 20 January 2003 23:03, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> Its not that difficult to pick up the admin in the revision you're
> interested in depending on which KDE version you want your app to work
> against: just check out the branch you're interested in. Thats why we add
> branches to CVS.

Is admin needed for cvs2pack generated tarballs though? If so we do have a 
serious problem here, since it would render the entire tarball of a released 
app useless for older versions.

This would put quite a burden on app developers to keep also a working KDE 3.0 
installation and generate the tarballs from there. (If that works at all, 
since 3.1 refuses to build with autoconf 2.13 and 3.0 with 2.5x, which is 
pretty much mutually exclusive. A tarball doesn't need autoconf anymore, but 
I am not at all sure a similar problem isn't there with automake versions as 

So: what admin dir can a developer _possibly_ use to create a tarball that 
works with the entire KDE 3.x series?


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