Broken KDE Admin Dir

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Mon Jan 20 22:03:44 GMT 2003

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Andreas Pour wrote:

> Hmm, you are stating a conclusion without any supporting reasoning :-).  My
> query is:  what is the advantage of breaking compilations for third-party KDE
> developers?  It certainly is easy enough to add MIN_CONFIG(3.1) to the 8 kde
> core package scripts or whatever, but trying to communicate the
> need to change something so obscure to the thousands of independent KDE
> developers is a lot more cumbersome, wouldn't you agree?

The admin directory contains a lot more than just the minimum Qt 
requirement. It is developed for major KDE releases, and is tested against 
them. Nobody tests HEAD admin against a stoneage KDE 3.0 release, and it 
might do everything from not work at all or wipe all of your harddisk when 
you do. 

Its not that difficult to pick up the admin in the revision you're 
interested in depending on which KDE version you want your app to work 
against: just check out the branch you're interested in. Thats why we add 
branches to CVS. 


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