Dominique Devriese dominique.devriese at
Mon Jan 20 10:31:32 GMT 2003

I'm the author of the geometry program kig in kdeedu.  I've been
working on a rather large refactoring of the code lately.  Before
committing this to HEAD ( it's still quite far from ready for
that.. ), I'd like to put it in a unstable or make_it_cool branch for
a while, so i have time to fix things like unnecessary i18n string
changes, stupid bugs, etc., while giving some other people time to
look at the new code, and also having a backup somewhere, because i
wouldn't like to see my two months' work lost.. 

So my question is: can i start a make_it_cool branch for kig, and
could some cvs guru maybe give me some hints on how to do it ?


Stay away from flying saucers today.

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